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Gewerbegebiet 53
6100 Reith bei Seefeld

Mitarbeiter: 11-50


- We spent 3 years developing our newest material Bananatex®
- It takes 1 banana tree stem to make 1 bag
- It takes 3 hours to weave the Bananatex® fabric for 1 bag
- 1 million plastic bottles are sold every minute
- Only 9 % of all plastic produced is currently being recycled
- Our Minimimal Collection bags made with Bananatex® are plastic free
- From raw material to finished product, 250 people applied their individual skills
- Bananatex® is strong – you could carry 100 kg of cement in your bag
- One Bananatex® Roll Pack is made from 30 individual parts – an average bag totals over 100 pieces
- Only 1 % of the material is off-cut during production – all of which is bio­degradable
- Our bags are made to be used 365 days per year (in any weather)
- The CO2 footprint of 1 flight to Bali and back equals 16,000 bags being shipped from China to Europe 2
- In 1 year 1 banana tree can compensate for the CO2 emissions of production and transport of more than 10 bags 2

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